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老闆忙, 有要事纏身, 派小的我跟著德國經濟部國貿局去了一趟 Montenegro 參加研討會.  其實這活動是歐盟的Project, 但由德國國貿局負責執行, 邀請一些我們這個領域的產業界代表, 到準歐盟國家去宣傳歐盟的''專家經驗''.  很開心有這個機會, 說天上掉下來的也不為過.  除了可以跟其他公司的代表小小交流切磋之外, 沒想到, 我們的研討會, 竟然是在 Montenegro 極為著名的度假勝地Budva 舉辦的.

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After attending some intensive courses for 5 months, taking an exam lasting for 2-whole-day, and waiting for another 3 months for lousy administration process, I got my "scanned" certificate of "Operational Managers in Logistics" issued by ILT today, finally.

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The only application I made at the European Education Fair got some progress this week.
Beyond my expectations, with only a standard application form addressed my education background & working experience, attached my transcript of NTU, plus a 15-min interview by phone this evening; they decided to give me a conditional admission -- the only condition is my GMAT has to be 500 at least!

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歷經一個星期  會議終於落幕
算一算我們迎送往來了三十幾個阿朵宰 沒有人迷路或被放鳥   大家都對會議的進行相當滿意

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