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常有親朋好友問外勞我, 來德國在大公司裡面到底在幹麻? 
我每每以'間接防止恐怖行動'作為回答, 總還是說不出個簡單易懂的答案.

上週德國明鏡週刊Spiegel 有一篇報導如下. 敝公司(很不幸的)又上報. 報導中提及的 Export Control Regulations 就是我每天辛勤奮鬥的工作內容, 確保大公司在全世界各角落的大小子公司, 都遵守公司的內控流程, 不違反相關法規 (不要一天到晚上報).

Export Control Regulations 內容主要來自美國政府, 歐盟及一些國際集團的規定與協議, 目的在於防止受管制的雙用用途產品(Dual-Use Items -- 軍事及民生兩種用途)直接或間接落入不該持有的法人或自然人手中.  也就是說, 國際貿易並不如一般所想像的完全自由; 很多敏感的產品不能隨便賣, 做任何一筆交易前, 得經過重重檢查與管制, 有時還必須向有關管制單位申請許可. 

相關法規裡面, 就屬美國法規最為嚴格且無限上綱.  不是歐盟境內的公司, 從法律面看, 基本上就不受歐盟法律管轄; 但是, 有關美國頒布的規定, 抱歉的很, 只要經手美國origin的產品, 不管公司設在哪個天涯海角, 都要乖乖遵守大美國法律.  從歐巴馬上任後我就不時幻想, US Export Control Regulations 總有一天會修正的合理化一些, 不再那麼受政治力量左右.  不過, 幻想終究是幻想. 

下面的報導內容當然沒有把事實的全部寫明, 責任歸屬也沒有釐清.  不過類似事件一經曝光, 我們又得再加強內控檢查等等等.  我們已經管很嚴了.... 真不知還要怎麼個加強法?

唉.... 這樣子間接幫美國政府打工, 不知何年何月何時了?



12/14/2009 11:36 AM

Siemens High Tech for Tehran

German Government Probes Shipments to Iran

The German government is currently investigating whether engineering giant Siemens violated export control laws by shipping high tech equipment to companies in Iran. Siemens says its business in Iran is purely civilian, but some fear the equipment could be used for Tehran's missile or nuclear programs.

German authorities are currently considering the initiation of legal proceedings against engineering giant Siemens for violating export controls laws with two controversial deliveries of parts to Iran.

Customs officials at the port of Hamburg discovered a load of turbo compressors that investigators believe could potentially be used in Iran's missile program. The high-tech goods are valued at €16 million ($23 million) and are part of an €80 million shipment. The delivery had apparently been sent from a Siemens branch in Sweden and was destined for an Iranian company.

In a second case, British navy troops stopped a ship from China near Dubai that was carrying so-called Teleperm automation technology intended for the Iranian firm Kalaye Electric. The computers, which can be used, among other things, to help run nuclear power plants, had been delivered by Siemens to an address in China. The controversial shipments are currently being discussed by the German government's exports committee, where sources said the issue is highly contentious.

Siemens officials, however, do not believe they violated German export policies.

"Our business activities in Iran are exclusively for civil purposes and are in accordance with applicable international laws and regulations," a company spokesperson told SPIEGEL. The spokesperson, however, would not provide comment on the deliveries being probed.


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  • 辛苦的台勞,there is always a choice.
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